Credit where credit is due

This website is powered by WordPress and the following plugins:

The HTML, CSS and PHP code for this custom template were written in Coda, which also provided the FTP engine used to upload all the assets to the web server.

The basic layout for the website was derived from the excellent 960 Grid System.

The contact form was based on this great tutorial from Trevor Davis.

This tutorial provided the basis for the mobile stylesheet, which was later tweaked for better compatibility with high-resolution devices.

All images were edited and saved for the web using Pixelmator.

Web fonts are made possible and provided by Typekit. If your browser is up to it, you should see titles etcetera set in Museo Sans and body text in Lucida Sans Unicode or Lucida Grande.

The 16-pixel social media icons used on this site were designed by Rogie King of Komodo Media and are used here under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

If you’re curious about any other aspect of the website, feel free to ask me!

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